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About Us

In 2016 Julia and Cathryn met each other doing community work. We dreamed of a space in Chico where youth could have access to art and printing as a way to process this crazy world, print their own creations, and share them with their communities. Pedal Press was born as a first step, a way to bring participatory printing to Chico. We did workshops for youth and we partnered with our friends and brought live silk-screening to tons of events. 

Educator and printmaker Stefanie Prado joined Julia and Cathryn as a Pedal Presser in 2019. Stefanie jumped in with both feet to live-printing at Run4Salmon and has been a game-changing addition to the Pedal Press crew ever since.

From our humble DIY beginnings, we continue to grow and form new relationships in the community; to imagine new ways of connecting and communicating; and to shape the tools together that will build the world we carry in our hearts.

Julia Murphy 

I grew up drawing and making. I work in a variety of media, but my foundation is illustration and design, with a focus on graphic design for social movements. An East Coast native, I moved to Chico with my son in 1998. After a job working at the Printed Image, I fell in love with everything about screen printing; but I ended up returning to CSU Chico and getting my Art and English teaching credentials. I am immensely proud to teach at Fair View High School (Falcons Forever!), and am a relentless advocate for art AND trade education, apprenticeships, and jobs.

Cathryn Carkhuff

My first time silk screening was at an arts and culture neighborhood center in North Philadelphia called Norris Square Neighborhood Project where I worked with a group of high school youth.  We inherited a 4 color press and re-built a youth silk screening business with some incredible young leaders called Prodigies. I went to graduate school in SF to try and bring everything the NSNP community taught me to more young people and communities. I did a social justice work with the Youth Leadership Institute and came to Chico in 2016 with my son and partner. I currently work with CAVE at CSU, Chico and Pedal Press whenever I can.

From L-R: Julia, Cathryn, Stefanie; with a student at GSEC's Womxn's Conference 2019.