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About Us

In 2016 Julia Murphy and Cathryn Carkhuff met each other doing community work. We dreamed of a space in Chico where youth could have access to art and printing as a way to process this crazy world, print their own creations, and share them with their communities. Pedal Press was born as a first step, a way to bring participatory printing to Chico. We did workshops for youth and we partnered with our friends and brought live silk-screening to tons of events. 

Educator and printmaker Stefanie Prado joined Julia and Cathryn as a Pedal Presser in 2019. Stefanie jumped in with both feet to live-printing at Run4Salmon and has been a game-changing addition to the Pedal Press crew ever since.

From our humble DIY beginnings, we continue to grow and form new relationships in the community; to imagine new ways of connecting and communicating; and to shape the tools together that will build the world we carry in our hearts.

From L-R: Julia, Cathryn, Stefanie; with a student at GSEC's Womxn's Conference 2019.